Kitchen Equipments

Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and India

Anchor Tandoor Industries is a brand of Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and all over India, standing among India’s top-rated Manufacturer and Exporters. Starting out as a speciality Tandoor Manufacturing Brand, they have expanded their business and products to all types of Professional. Kitchen Equipment one would require when starting out as a chef or building their own café and restaurant. These Kitchen Equipment are also great for every household looking to add a touch of modern living to their kitchen décor and functioning. Highly modern-looking and built equipment with high quality material makes it a perfect way to introduce some changes into your kitchen décor and appliances. With quality standards as premium as that of a Global Outreach and exports, Anchor Tandoor Industries are the perfect Overseas brand of Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and India. Why pick Anchor Tandoor Industries as your Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and India? Here’s why….

We have clients like Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Raheja Hospitality, JW Marriot, Courtyard Marriot, Sai Palace Hotels, Holiday Inn, Essel World, Adlabs Imagica, Barbeque Nation, NSCI Mumbai, The Peninsula Hotels, Novotel Hotels, and so many more of the most well renowned food chains and restaurants bestowing their faith in us and choosing to add our Kitchen Equipment in their restaurants, and we are so highly grateful. Not just that, we have also designed Kitchen Equipment for International Hotel Chain Owners like: Mr. Sanjay Sydney (Australia), Mr. Devdas Kamat (Japan), Mr. Pappu Soni (Mauritius) and more. With a Clientele base as well-known as that putting their faith in us and choosing our products for their Professional Restaurants, we have become one of India’s most loved Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and all over India.

Our Products

Having been loved in the International Market for our speciality Tandoor and Barbeque Equipment the most, we have a host of different Equipment types we cater to serving you with. Our products are made not only from the best raw materials but also keeping in mind a more Modern, Aesthetic and Functional approach, to make it easier for our Clients’ usage. Here is a list of Product Categories we are most well-known for as Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and India.

1. Sink Units

Professional Restaurants and Cafés require large sink units for a better functioning and usability. We manufacture Multi Utility Stainless Steel Sink Units in multiple different capacities and ranges according to the client need. The Steel used in the manufacturing of these sinks of premium quality, and is stainless, so it will not get damaged, dented and stained even with rough and heavy usage. We also make sure there are not any rough or sharp edges and that the design of the sink unit gives your Kitchen a very Modern Vibe with a Capacity to hold dozens of utensils.

2. Stainless Steel Gas Range

A Modern Kitchen deserves the best Cooking Equipment—one that not only helps you Multitask but also ensures utmost Safety. Being in the business of Equipment Manufacturing as Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and India, our Stainless-Steel Gas Range does just that for you. It is available in two different variants: the Indian Stainless-Steel Gas Range and the Chinese Stainless-Steel Gas Range. With Front Panel Stoves the Stainless-Steel body of the Gas range gives it a Dimensional Stability for Better Safety and Functioning. The designs are such that they also ensure an Ease of Fuel Control and are very Apply designed for Indian and Chinese delicacies. We also offer Customizations for Commercial and Industrial Bulk Orders

3. Utility Trolleys

At Anchor Tandoor Industries, we try to put our best foot forward in bringing to you all types of Kitchen and Utility Equipment for Restaurant and Food Chain Management services and stand by being reviewed as the Best Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumba and Indiai. To deliver to the most essential needs of a Modern Kitchen, we have a huge range of Multi-stack Bar Trays, Multi-Stack and Single Snack Trolleys and Multi-Utility Serving Trolleys for all kinds of Meals and Beverages, so Buffet bookings and orders can be Managed more Efficiently than ever. These will not only make serving and waitressing a lot easier for your staff members, but also make it more Manageable, Efficient, Time-Saving and Aesthetic for your staff and the guests, respectively. As these are made of Stainless Steel, these trolleys can handle a lot of weight and are designed according to custom preference for bulk orders in order to give you the best use out of them, in and out of your kitchen and in your restaurants.

4. Rumali Roti Sets

Being a big Hotel Chain, serving hundreds of customers daily and catering to Cuisines from the Indian Taste Palate has its own special requirements. Rumali Roti, made as thin as a handkerchief, just like its name would suggest, requires a special kind of heating stove setup over an inverted Vessel. Trying to achieve that with perfection and setting it up with the right distance to the flame for the best results, every day can be a hassle and can take up a lot of time. Even if it is left as its own setup, the looks of it are not something that give a very Manageable Modern Vibe. To resolve this issue, save your time, and make your kitchen look more Organised and Aesthetically Modern, we have these amazing Stainless Steel Rumali Roti Sets that are anything but your regular movable setup. With a fixed stovetop especially designed for preparation of Rumali Rotis, these Sets ensure Even Heat Distribution and a Hassle Free as well as Safe Setup for your Speciality Kitchen.

5. Vertical Freezers

Food Prepared in Speciality Kitchens and Restaurants would best reach its audience and guests when displayed properly. For this reason, we have the perfect Stainless-Steel Vertical Freezers for Storage and Display purposes, so your food not only Stays Fresh, but can also be Displayed and put to its best use for your guests to have a better look at their Menu Options and Confectionary Items. These Vertical Freezers have the perfect Temperature Control Settings and Display Options which can be put to use as per the need of the Consumer. Along with these, we also specialize in all kinds of Tandoor and Refrigeration Equipment. At Anchor Tandoor Industries, the Speciality Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai and India, our goal is to provide you with the best range of Kitchen Equipment that will help you serve your guests in the best manner possible as well as improve the quality and safety standards of your Kitchen’s Appliance and Equipment Functioning. We shall be delighted to provide you with the best of our Services for all your Kitchen, Tandoor and Refrigeration Equipment Needs.